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Before asking for ranks read this ! **

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Before asking for ranks read this ! **

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 24, 2015 4:54 pm

Welcome to our forums.

We do not give Admin or mod, we choose who we want to have !

If you want to have a specific rank please use the template below:

Admin wrote:Forum name:


Rank you want to get:

Why ? (30 words min):

Do you accept the rules of this forum ?:

Ranks you can apply for:

-Community Member : Rank you need to go in the Members zone
-Spammer : If you like to post anything just because you can, this rank is for you !
-Collaborator : Only the people who are willing to share and discuss their finds with us.
-Agent of chaos : Member of some weird cult ? Well what are you waiting for ?
-Investigator : You a collaborator with more talent for digging deeper.
-Youtuber : You do youtube videos ? Want access to the youtuber zone ? Apply for this !

**More to come***


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